Company Overview

Photograph of Roy Jason Ashdown, Cofounder and COO, Wayne Byrd, CFO, Martin Castellan, Cofounder and CAO, and Jason Castellan, Cofounder and CEO

From left to right: Roy Jason Ashdown, Co-Founder and COO; Wayne Byrd, CFO; Martin Castellan, Co-Founder and CAO; Jason Castellan, Co-Founder and CEO

The Skyline Group of Companies is one of Canada's fastest-growing real estate acquisitions, management and investment companies.

Every aspect of the Skyline Group of Companies (“Skyline”) is managed with the utmost care and attention to detail, from consulting with investors to fostering a sense of community at each and every one of its properties. The Guelph, ON-based company’s three co-founders, brothers Jason and Martin Castellan and their good friend Roy Jason Ashdown, still actively run Skyline today. Their passion and unique knowledge of the business has helped Skyline develop three of Canada’s fastest-growing private REITs: Skyline Apartment REIT, Skyline Commercial REIT and Skyline Retail REIT.

The Skyline Group of Companies is comprised of several entities to oversee its real estate investment, development, asset management and property management interests: Skyline Wealth Management, Inc. (“SWMI”), Skyline Asset Management Inc. (“SAMI”), Skyline Mortgage Financing Inc. ("SMFI") and Skyline Commercial Management Inc. (“SCMI”). Each of these entities is fully owned and operated by Skyline, and serves Skyline Apartment REIT, Skyline Commercial REIT and Skyline Retail REIT exclusively.


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Core Purpose
We exist to surface value in Real Estate.

To be the very best at pursuing steady, calculated Real Estate growth grounded in fundamentally sound properties; to create a superior opportunity for long-term investors, and accommodations of choice.

Identify opportunities and surface value.

We are practical, driven, efficient, reliable and respectful.  We act with integrity and have pride in ownership.

Although the three co-founders have been in the business of owning and managing rental properties since 1991, Skyline was formally created in 1999. Skyline Apartment REIT was launched in 2006, and has already grown to become one of Canada’s largest multi-residential real estate owners and managers. Skyline Commercial REIT was launched in January 2012, and largely consists of light industrial and office assets throughout Ottawa, the GTA, Montreal, and the 400-series highway corridor in Ontario. Skyline Retail REIT was launched in December 2013, and consists of national anchor-brand retail tenants in Ontario's secondary and tertiary cities.

Skyline Apartment REIT, Skyline Commercial REIT and Skyline Retail REIT are truly unique private real estate investment alternatives that are managed entirely by Skyline. This integrated, full-service business model enables Skyline to drive cost efficiencies while ensuring its high standards are never compromised. Skyline’s consistent focus on quality and refusal to cut corners has been intrinsic to the continued success and impeccable track record of the Skyline brand, and has won the company many industry awards.

In fact, Skyline’s commitment to quality, service and treating each property like a community has been the driving force behind its ongoing success. Its unique culture empowers employees across all levels to actively build and support vibrant communities. Skyline is passionate about protecting the environment, and is dedicated to its ongoing environmental stewardship initiatives.