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Skyline Commercial REIT

A private REIT portfolio focusing on light industrial commercial spaces in population-dense business corridors.

Investment Highlights

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Monthly Income

Enjoy stable, reliable monthly distributions, deposited directly into your bank account, or re-invested through our DRIP (distribution re-investment plan).

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No Personal Client Fees

100% of your investment goes to work for you. Our interests are aligned with yours.

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Strong Tenant Mix

The Skyline Commercial REIT portfolio comprises hundreds of individual tenants, creating less exposure to and reliance upon one single tenant.

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Focus on Light Industrial Properties

Skyline Commercial REIT’s assets are mainly comprised of light industrial properties, located near Canada’s major cities and transportation highways—where businesses want to be.

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Perfect Track Record - Reliable Distributions

Investors receive distributions on the 1st of every month, and have done so since inception.

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Unique Tax Advantages

Distributions are tax-deferred to the largest extent possible.

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RRSP, RRIF and TFSA-Eligible

Maximize your returns by investing through existing or new registered accounts.

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No Early Redemption Fees or Penalties

Redemptions are processed at 100% of the current market value with no fees or penalties.

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100% Canadian

You’re investing in solid, stable, 100% Canadian real estate.

Since its inception in 2012,
investors have not lost a single penny.

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Price and Performance

Total Portfolio Value (Millions)

Skyline Commercial REIT’s Portfolio Value has grown more than 200% since inception.

Total Square Footage

Skyline Commercial REIT owns more than 5 million square feet of commercial space.

Unit Price (Dollars)

Skyline Commercial REIT's value has grown steadily since inception.

Distribution Per Unit (Dollars)

Investors receive distributions on the 1st of every month.

Investment Summary

Launched in 2012, Skyline Commercial REIT is a privately-owned Canadian real estate investment trust comprised of a rapidly-growing portfolio of quality commercial properties that boast a diverse tenant base and asset mix.

The Skyline Commercial REIT is primarily comprised of light industrial and office space. The REIT seeks properties in population-dense areas along the major transportation highways, where businesses want to be. It acquires both individual assets and portfolio transactions.

Skyline Commercial REIT’s current targeted 8.4% annual distribution rate is paid monthly. Its targeted Funds From Operations (FFO) payout ratio is 90%, allowing for a buffer from economic volatility, unpredictable costs and expenses, and provides the opportunity for organic growth.

Since its launch in January 2012, Skyline Commercial REIT has consistently provided its investors with stable cash distributions at an industry-leading annual distribution rate. Paid on the 1st of each month, investors enjoy the stability of monthly cash distributions and the low-maintenance nature of investing at the source through Skyline Wealth Management Inc.

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