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Skyline Private Opportunities Corp. (SPOC)

A private investment fund currently invested in large-scale, energy-producing cash flow projects across Ontario, Canada.

Investment Highlights

This investment is currently available to Accredited Investors only.
(see FAQ for more information about qualifying as an Accredited Investor)

Growth Potential

Targeted 7.5% annual return on the re-investment of the cash flows from the solar projects. see assumptions below

Opening Share Price

$100 starting share price.

Renewable and Sustainable Product

Fund built upon the production of renewable and sustainable energy. Currently comprised of 19 large-scale rooftop solar projects built, managed and maintained by Anvil Crawler Development Corp.

Experienced Management Team

Experienced, proven, and award-winning management team displaying a solid track record of delivering an over 12.87% annual return to investors through its other managed projects.

100% Canadian Green Energy Investment

You are investing in 100% Canadian green energy portfolio & management companies.

$50K Minimum Investment

Minimum investment amount of $50,000.

*Assumptions: Projections assume investment in future solar projects and a 7.5% annual return on re-investment of cash flows generated from solar projects. There can be no assurance that the targeted return will be achieved.

Investment Summary

Skyline Private Opportunity Corp. (SPOC) is a private investment company currently invested in large-scale, energy-producing cash flow projects across Ontario, Canada. Each project generates emissions-free power, and each is backed by a 20-year government contract to purchase the solar energy generated. SPOC's objective for its investors is to generate a positive social and environmental impact alongside the potential for attractive financial returns, through the combination of cash-flowing revenues from solar and other alternative assets, and further growth opportunity through the re-investment of that cash flow into other private investment opportunities. Investors will benefit from Skyline's track record, experience, and proficiency in private investment solutions to invest in green technologies and other alternative products.

The use of proceeds from the initial equity raise for SPOC will be used to acquire nineteen (19) identical rooftop solar projects in rural areas across Ontario, described below. These solar retrofits on the roofs of large purpose-built buildings (barns) were designed, installed and continue to be managed and maintained by Anvil Crawler Development Corp.. Each of the projects is backed by a 20-year government Feed-In Tariff (FIT) contract to purchase the solar energy it produces at a rate of $0.329/kWh with an anticipated annual production rate of 7,182,000 kWh. Both the purpose-built building and the rooftop solar technology are owned by SPOC with an agreement that the interior of the barn is leased back to the land owner for the duration of the FIT contracts. At the end of the contract, SPOC maintains ownership of the rooftop installation, and the land owner retains the building.

Geographic Location of Solar Assets

Map of SPOC locations.

Skyline's Green Experience

SPOC will be a part of the Skyline Group, a nearly $3 billion Canadian enterprise. It will be owned and operated by Skyline entities.

At Skyline, we have always embraced the innovation and advantages of green solutions. For 15 years, we have been implementing green improvements to our real estate portfolios across Canada to reduce our carbon footprint, provide innovative energy solutions and utility cost savings for our tenants, and provide solid and environmentally friendly income streams for our investors.

When it comes to investing in the latest green technology, we are not satisfied with complacency. We have implemented natural gas, water and electricity saving measures throughout our properties, and we have co-developed a new green energy company, Anvil Crawler Development Corp, which is developing and manufacturing sustainable solutions for property management, farming, construction, and beyond.

Read More About Our Environmental Efforts

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