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Rob Stein

Rob Stein

President, Skyline Energy

As President of Skyline Energy, Rob oversees the operation and financial performance of the Skyline Clean Energy Fund portfolio. This includes acquisitions/dispositions, financial budgets, implementing and monitoring capital expenditure projects, and monitoring the assets’ functionality.

Rob Stein has extensive experience in evaluating, building, maintaining, and selling renewable energy assets. Beginning his career at Fritz Construction, Rob was responsible for growing and developing the renewable division of the business. During his ten years with the company, Rob built over 4,000 renewable energy assets.

Rob’s well-rounded knowledge of the solar asset industry is an invaluable asset to the Skyline Energy team. He brings an understanding of both the acquisitions and mechanical side of the business to the table. To Rob—and by extension, to Skyline Energy—there is more to a solar asset then simply the revenue it generates, and he looks at how the mechanics of each asset Skyline Energy acquires can be optimized at its fullest potential, thereby generating maximum value for investors.