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Property Acquisition

Have you ever considered selling your rental property and what your options would be? Have you ever wondered what you could do with the proceeds generated from such a sale? Do you feel invested in the property’s future success and want to feel confident handing it off?


Why Sell to Skyline?

Our experienced, hands-on management team will impress you with their strong market fundamentals, their open style of communication and their humble personalities. The Skyline Group of Companies operates with a strong belief in supporting and nurturing the communities in which we exist. You can take comfort in knowing that your building and tenants will be looked after with the utmost respect and care. Many property owners become partners, re-investing some or all of the proceeds from their sale through our Skyline Apartment REIT, Skyline Commercial REIT and Skyline Retail REIT. With the option to take-back REIT units in place of equity, you can remain active in the industry and maximize capital gains while remaining buffered from interest rate increases and market volatility.

Learn more about the benefits of investing with Skyline.


What Are We Looking For

Skyline is on a continual growth trajectory and is looking to further expand its portfolio with assets that would complement our current asset base and be accretive to our existing group of properties. We are primarily focused on multi-unit residential (50+ suites), commercial or mixed-use buildings located in premium commercial markets.


 Our Process

1) Market Analysis – Examine local economic conditions, competitive landscape and market rents.
2) Operational Evaluation - Review operating statements, income, expenses and occupancy rates to establish the property’s potential to generate income.
3) Formal Due Diligence - Facilitate a comprehensive physical, financial, environmental and legal due diligence of the property.


Our Commitment to You

  • To negotiate the purchase in a diligent and professional manner
  • Reasonably efficient and timely close on property offers
  • Complete confidentiality