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We are looking for people who are
Passionate, Energetic, and Determined.

Does this describe you?

AON Best Employer, Gold, Canada 2017 best managed companies Growth 500 Award for 2019

Why Work at Skyline?

Fast-paced, fun, engaging, philanthropic, environmentally conscious.

These are just some words that people use to describe the culture at Skyline.

As a Skyline employee you will be encouraged to bring passion, energy, and determination to better the lives of those around you, every day! Whether it’s through volunteering in the community, delivering exceptional service to one of our customers, improving the bottom line, or simply helping out a fellow co-worker, the culture here is one of pride, integrity and service.


Our Values

Our values are our compass. They are the traits that guide us in the way we live and work. They determine our priorities, our behaviours, and our attitude. At Skyline, our values can be summed up in one acronym – P.R.I.D.E.! We live these values every day, and we believe in them to the core.

Do you hold these values too?


The "P" stands for Professionalism

  • You take pride in the quality of service you provide to our customers.
  • You conduct yourself in a professional manner.
  • You are friendly and inclusive of others.

The "R" stands for Respect

  • You are empathetic and you care.
  • You consider the opinions, feelings, needs, and ideas of others.
  • You understand the impact of your words and actions on others.

The "I" stands for Integrity

  • You are reliable and you hold yourself accountable for your decisions.
  • You do the right thing, even if it’s not the easy thing.
  • You have the courage to express your thoughts and ideas, even if they are different than those of others.

The "D" stands for Drive

  • You are determined, engaged and tackle your tasks with passion.
  • You strive for constant improvement and are motivated to make a difference.
  • You see obstacles and challenges as opportunities.
  • You own your role.

The "E" stands for Efficiency

  • You are results oriented.
  • You look for practical solutions.
  • You "Keep It Simple Skyliner" (KISS)

Meet Our Employees

Employee Headshot - Brittany

"I love my job because the people I work with are amazing and hard-working, and they make every day at work enjoyable. They are like a second family. I’ve met some of my best friends right here at work."

Brittany S.
Mortgage Administrator

Employee Headshot - Mike B

"I love my job at Skyline because of the drive of the entire team, and the enthusiasm that permeates through the company. It’s very rare to find a company of this size and growth trajectory where there is so much camaraderie, compassion and team-oriented focus."

Mike B.
Vice President, SAMI

Employee Headshot - Rogan

"I have been working for Skyline since 2011, and I cannot imagine being in any other office environment. I enjoy coming into work every day knowing that I work with some of the most talented, funny, generous and kind people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. I love my job because the people I work with are amazing and hard-working, and they make every day at work enjoyable."

Rogan O.
CAPEX/Commercial Coordinator

Employee Headshot - Andrew A

"I love my job because of the great team and work ethic at Skyline. I love the team atmosphere and positive feedback we get from our residents. The common goal and focus is to surface value in real estate and foster a community atmosphere in our buildings, while being the best employer in the industry! It is no coincidence that Skyline has grown so fast -- Skyline is truly second-to-none!"

Andrew A.
Regional Director of Residential Operations


“The tenants really are the best. I have good people in my building and I enjoy doing little extra for them such as helping with groceries, and building a community by introducing new tenants to at least one other tenant in the building so they can get to know someone right away and start feeling connected to our "little village". They appreciate these things and enjoy the social events I hold for them. Also, I have the absolute best PM. [He] is very approachable and if there is any issue he listens and helps to work out a solution.”

Shelley H.
Resident Manager